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updated callsannette07/29/2013
Call Misty mentioned on John and Jacque's org call 27 Aug 2012Linda Pixton08/29/2012
Custom 24K shirtsMisty jensen07/17/2012
webinarsCelese2LuWanda Ford6/13/2012
New Results Happening with Luna-Rich?jacque L. hayes02/27/2012
ShinglesRenea Campbell1KARLEEN2/23/2012
Thyroid GlandJohn Pravong2john2/17/2012
Looking for a TMJ Story....jacque L. hayes02/7/2012
CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome)LuWanda Ford01/1/2012
Gilbert's disease or syndromeMargie Porter010/4/2011
Seizures & Young Children with DiabetesMatt & Dayna Jennings08/17/2011
TICKET SOLD they need one more.LuWanda08/3/2011
One conference ticket available $140LuWanda08/3/2011
frequent urination during the nightCelese07/29/2011
Raynaud's SyndromeMatt & Dayna Jennings3Annette Wells7/28/2011
Kidney Stones after the productsMisty jensen2Annette Wells7/28/2011
hard pregancy/prenatal stories?Loraine Gerovac2annette wells7/28/2011
menstraul issuesDonna Anderson07/25/2011
Kidney failing/dialysisLouise Kohl07/17/2011
sinus polyps or turmorsLouise Kohl07/17/2011
Pancreas issues or pancreatic cancer story?LuWanda Ford07/7/2011
alopeshiaLoraine Gerovac06/14/2011
Looking for a story? jacque L. hayes4RobbaLee Hall5/31/2011
osteopeniaRobbaLee Hall05/31/2011
Apnea, BP,CalciumMatt & Dayna05/26/2011
Breast CancerLouise Kohl05/23/2011
Brain Tumor?Gail Johnson05/15/2011
pneumonia?Loraine Gerovac05/11/2011
Chronic pain and Bi-PolarCarol Jacob1Loraine Gerovac5/11/2011
ExcemaMatt & Dayna1Karen Turner5/9/2011
Colon Cancer?jacque L. hayes04/27/2011
Arnold Chiari MalformationMatt & Dayna1Matt & Dayna4/21/2011
Margie Porter looking for story...jacque L. hayes04/19/2011
Teen age Graves disease storyDean Wilding04/18/2011
DiverticulosisDanese Thompson2Danese4/15/2011
Need sleep apnia and bone density storiesLaNae Mortensen04/8/2011
March opportunity call postingDave & Sally Loper03/30/2011
resultsSheryl Whipple03/19/2011
Soy Allergy/ Muscle & Joint PainMatt & Dayna Jennings1Sheryl Whipple3/19/2011
Migraines, headaches, bloody noses, dissapearing growth, teeth sensitivity and moreChris King02/14/2011
Sciatica, arthritis, plantar fasciitious, carpel tunnelRobbaLee Hall02/14/2011
looking for any dystrophy storyAdele Daniels01/18/2011
Cardiac AmyloidosisDavid & Sally Loper01/17/2011
Yearlong rash from RelivGinger Weibell01/6/2011
Our resultsGreg & Gail Johnson01/5/2011
Some of you have asked for the 7 questions to ask yourself and new distributors. Here they are.jacque L. hayes012/20/2010
Hayes Organization Call Playback Number.jacque L. hayes012/20/2010
bipolar, shingles, diabetes, asbergers(autism), down syndromeKarleen Tutton012/6/2010
add/adhd, sinus, allergies, asthma, ulcersCelese012/6/2010
results instead of name in title lineCelese012/6/2010
resultsMike Greenwood012/6/2010
my resultsMike Greenwood012/6/2010
My families resultsmisty jensen011/9/2010
my resultsMargie Porter011/8/2010
personal health resultsDan & Danese Thompson011/8/2010
results listJeanette Laird1jacque L. hayes11/8/2010
Hope you enjoy the calls.jacque L. hayes06/22/2009
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